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Have you ever purchased a City Discount Attraction Pass?  
If you have, you already know the great benefits of using such a pass. If not, you’re missing out on a great money-saver, time-saver and travel aid.  Generally speaking, a discount attraction pass is a ticket you purchase for one price that allows you access to a number of attractions within a specified time period. You save money because the cost of the pass is less than if you were to purchase tickets for attractions individually. You save time because you can better plan your activities using one resource (and many of the passes allow you to skip lines!). 

The discount attraction pass is a travel aid because it gives you lots of ideas on the best attractions in the given city, you can even read reviews from fellow travelers. Most passes include sightseeing tours, maps, shopping discounts & transportation options.
Where will your travels take you?  In Sydney, Australia, the Sydney Attraction Pass includes the Taronga Zoo, Sydney Opera House, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, IMAX Sydney plus about 35 more options in several different package options.  In Rome, Italy, your pass will include options for the Coliseum,  Borghese Gallery and much more.  In Stockholm, Sweden, choose from 80 museums and attractions, a boat sightseeing tour, a bicycle tour, and unlimited public transportation.  In the United States, passes are available for every major city. 

Check it out for yourself.  Click on the link for the country you are visiting and see all that is offered.  Be sure read carefully what is included with the discount pass and what the expiration terms are, as the details vary from one pass to another.  Good planning now is sure to enhance your vacation substantially!
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