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Experience the Excitement of a Whale Watching Cruise

Experience Whale Watching Thrills

Whales are intelligent, social mammals found worldwide in saltwater oceans. They range in size from the dwarf sperm whale at about 8 feet to the blue whale which can grow to nearly 100 feet. A whale watching cruise is an experience to remember. You may see them breaching (jumping high out of the water), spyhopping (peeking its head out of water and turning around), lobtailing (loud slapping of its tail on the water surface) and logging (floating motionless).

Our recommended whale watching tours are found in 9 countries, as identified below. Most of these cruises cost under $200 and many under $100. The types of whales you will see and the best season for whale watching varies by geographic location. Be sure to peruse the specific information pertaining to each cruise.

Must See Destinations is pleased to provide you with suggestions to enhance your vacation with a memorable whale-watching cruise. In conjunction with Viator, a global distributor of over 15,000 travel experiences in more than 1,000 destinations, we’ve selected some of the most popular whale watching cruises. Because we’ve chosen to affiliate with Viator, you can be assured that these selections are of high quality, competitively priced and verified by real travelers.

Choose one of the links below to review the whale-watching cruises in the country of your choice.

New Zealand
Saint Lucia
South Africa

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