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What to Expect from Palm Beach, Florida Weather

Your vacation is fast approaching and you need to pack clothes that will keep you comfortable in Palm Beach, Florida weather. After all, nothing says “ruined vacation” like forgetting your bathing suit when it’s warm enough to swim or leaving your rainjacket packed away when it’s supposed to do nothing but pour rain.

Fortunately, the weather in Palm Beach is fairly mild. Accompanying all the glitz and glam of the city is lots and lots of sunshine and heat, making it nothing short of paradisiacal most of the year.

And as you pack for your trip, you’ll likely want to take into consideration what you’ll be doing each day. As such, we’ve provided a few ideas of great ways to spend the day while you’re in Palm Beach, regardless of the weather.

So, ready to relax? Keep reading so you can finish up your packing and head towards that perfect state of vacation bliss!

Palm Beach, Florida Weather

As we mentioned above, Palm Beach, Florida weather is fairly predictable in that the average temperature rarely falls below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This means you can be fairly safe packing clothes that will keep you cool in the sun and warm in the air-conditioned buildings that you’re likely to spend time in.

The hottest months of the year are in July and August, as you might expect. Average temperatures for these months range from around 90 degrees on the high end to 76 degrees on the low. Summer months are also when you can expect the most rain, so if you’re planning a trip in June, July, or August, be sure to bring a rain jacket and umbrella.

And even when it’s “cold” in Palm Beach, it’s still pretty warm compared to the rest of the country. December through February, the highs stay around a balmy 76 and the lows don’t fall much under 60, so you can take your beachside walks even in the middle of winter. Of course, you might not want to swim, but why not search for shells instead?

Things to Do in Palm Beach

Now that you know all about Palm Beach, Florida weather, you’re ready to plan your visit! Below are just a couple of quick ideas for things to do in Palm Beach to maximize your time in the city!

Palm Beach Zoo

A popular attraction here is the Palm Beach Zoo, which provides visitors with the opportunity to visit numerous different animals, including tapirs, flamingos, otters, ocelots, squirrel monkeys, and more.

During your visit, you can even feed lorikeets, a wonderfully colorful parrot. Purchase some nectar and watch as these beautiful birds flutter down to drink near you. During your visit, you may also want to check out the zoo’s event calendar to see if any events are coming up for you to enjoy!

The zoo is open every day (except for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day) from 9AM to 5PM. Ticket prices are listed below:

  • Adults: $24.95

  • Seniors (60+): $22.95

  • Children (3-12): $18.95

  • Toddlers (0-2): FREE

Rapids Water Park

If the Palm Beach, Florida weather is hot during your visit (and chances are, it will be!), why not head to the Rapids Waterpark to cool down? This waterpark offers a variety of family-friendly rides for people of all ages.

This includes thrilling water slides like Black Thunder and Big Thunder, where you ride rafts down dark tunnels, as well as more easy-going attractions for younger kids, including Barefootin Bay. This last attraction is a water playground that has sprays and three slides for the kiddos to enjoy.

And if that summer heat has you feeling low energy, you can visit the wave pool or float the lazy river. For those who just want to lay low while others enjoy the park, you can also rent a cabana for the day to serve as a “home base.”

Hours for this park vary each day depending on the season. You can check out the park hours to make sure it’s open when you want to visit.

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park

Last but certainly not least on our list of things to do is visiting John D. MacArthur Beach State Park. This is a particularly good option if you’re anticipating good Palm Beach, Florida weather, as this place is a great place to be outside and exploring the natural beauty of the area.

During your visit, plan to bring a suit so you can swim by the beach (assuming it’s warm enough). If you’re expecting cooler weather, have a picnic on the beach while you search for shells and enjoy observing the area’s native plants and animals. You can also fish in any area that’s not designated for swimming.

The park is open from 8AM until sundown each day and costs $5 per vehicle for entry.


Hopefully, there weren’t any big surprises when it comes to learning more about the Palm Beach, Florida weather you can expect during your visit. The great news is that you can enjoy most outdoor activities year-round, as the weather is generally warm and inviting. Enjoy your time exploring now that you know what temperatures to expect for your trip!

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